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Enviroair. Specialists In Domestic Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) - System 4

Fresh filtered air supplied around your home. Continuously, quietly and efficiently.
There are too many benefits to list – call us! We’ll happily discuss it for as long as you want!

Enviroair. Specialists In Domestic Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) - System 3

If you are looking for a quiet extract system – this is it . No more noisy bathroom fans with run-ons etc., these are replaced with a centrally positioned fan running continuously – don’t worry they are super efficient!

Enviroair. Specialists In Domestic Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

Servicing and Maintenance

We love what we do and with our excellent care plans your system will work like new for years to come. Sound expensive? – It’s not! Our annual service fee for a new heat recovery unit installed by us is just £50+VAT (plus replacement filter cost).


With current building regulations homes are becoming increasingly airtight with improved levels of insulation, and more efficient double- glazing. This leads to a lack of natural ventilation, meaning moisture created from every day activities such as showering, cooking, washing and even breathing, remains in the dwelling with nowhere to go. The moisture will settle on the coldest surfaces, normally windows and skylights, and can cause condensation which will lead to damp or mould growth and generally contribute to a poor indoor air quality.

A MVHR system removes stale moist air from kitchens bathrooms ensuites and laundry rooms and is drawn through the heat exchanger to extract the heat and expel the damp smelly air to atmosphere. At the same time fresh air is drawn from outside and taken through a filter to remove pollens and dust and then drawn over the heat exchanger to recover up to 85% of the heat which would normally be lost. This warm filtered air is then supplied to living rooms and bedrooms resulting in minimal heat losses and a healthy comfortable indoor environment.

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