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Mrs Walder – Wimbledon Village

I have an Aga and I love cooking for my family. The Enviroair system we have collects the heat from our Aga in the kitchen and recirculates it around our home. The filters are really good – the air in our house always feels so clean.

Mr Hutchings – Harpenden

The developer who built our house has used Enviroair for over ten years. I was sceptical at first but once you take a look at the filters it makes sense. We live very close to a busy high street with heavy traffic – the filter for the fresh air intake is black! Our son has asthma and his symptoms have really reduced in the two years we have lived here. The filtered air must have helped with this.

Mrs Warrender – Farnham

I’m glad we decided to install an air handling unit with Enviroair . We undertook a refurbishment on our cottage and wanted it to remain cosy and comfortable. We installed an Aga within the kitchen and the heat it produces very cleverly gets collected and blended with fresh air then supplied to our two bedrooms and lounge. My husband has also noticed his hay fever completely disappeared whilst inside and we are surrounded by fields! We’ve had Enviroair change the filters every six months to ensure this stays the same.

Mrs Mikhayova – Virginia Water

I am very happy with the ventilation system. The bathroom mirrors and shower screens clear so quickly after bath time. The house is five years old and we have never had any condensation or mould. We cook a lot of fish, which we adore but not so much the smell the next morning. Since we have lived here you cannot ever smell it the next day!

Mrs Knight – Bourne End

Enviroair have been very helpful since we moved into our new home. The air system is very good and I can honestly say the house always feels so fresh and never stuffy even in the winter. My husband always used to open windows and now doesn’t have to. He often travels abroad for work so I feel a lot safer having the windows closed at night during the warmer months knowing we can still be comfortable. The summer setting works really well bringing the fresh cooler air in. Thanks!

Mr Lowery – Knightsbridge

Thank you Andy and Mike for your help during the build! I’m really happy so far with the MVHR system. I keep all the windows closed and have never slept better – the air is so fresh! The shower screen clears within a few minutes like you said it would! I took a peak at the filters yesterday and they are pretty filthy already – the pollution is London is phenomenal. I look forward to hearing from you in January to undertake my first service. Thanks again.

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